2020 Top Wedding Trends

It’s the year 2020. And with a whole new century comes a whole new set of rules for the bride and groom.

Neon lights at the ceremony alter, interesting combinations of tables at the reception (who knew you could mix round with square?), dried flower bouquets for the bridal party and tarot card readers outside the loo. There are no hard and fast rules - just the requirement to find your very own wow factor.

The only problem is - with so many choices, it’s become that much harder to pick one. Which is why we’re here to tell you the top wedding styling trends of 2020. Starting with…

The Colours of Luuurve

2020 sees us moving away from the pastels of Pride and Prejudice (boring!) to a more 50 Shades of Yellow, which is both exciting and unnerving all at once. With a killer palette of yellow, orange, coral and cream you can’t really go wrong. Or be daring with marigold or burnt orange, complemented by lush greens and copper. Gorgeous.

There are still the safer berry tones bringing some depth to the scene - pairing really well with the “hot-right-now” neo mint colour palette. Blush and burgundy is here to stay for the moment. You could also ramp it up with the colour cassis. Say what? Not quite pink, not quite purple. Serious colour crush right there.

Photo: Noosa Boathouse and flowers by Flax Flower

The Wow Factor

Over-board extravagance is totally last century. Literally. 2020 is all about understated elegance, combined with a bit of a wow factor. So keep all the fundamental elements in your reception simplistic and then throw in a few extravagant statement pieces.

Nothing grabs people’s attention like a floral arch or balloon installation. Tablescapes and canopies of lights create the perfect romantic settings. And trailing flower installations are creating total breath-stopping moments this year, with large garlands of blooms trailing along and off the ends of tables, arches, roof installations and floors. Could a hanging garden above your seating area be too much? We think not!

Photo: Florido Weddings at Yandina Station and flowers by Willow Bud

Sustainable Vibes

While we’re on the topic of less is more (except when it comes to flowers, of course) it’s worth mentioning the next big trend for 2020, sustainability. Brides and grooms are taking the environment seriously when designing their weddings this year.

Seed paper wedding stationary, locally sourced produce, planet-friendly confetti, reusable straws, plant-your-own–tree wedding favours, charitable donations for the gift registry and repurposed wedding flowers given away to those in need of some extra love. We really can’t get enough of this 2020 wedding trend.

A place to put your feet up

Let’s face it, weddings are exhausting. Standing around in heels, chatting, dancing…all those trips to the bar. Sometimes you just want to sit back and chillax in the fresh air.

Which is why in 2020 an outdoor seating area is a MUST. Create a chic and trendy vibe by creating small, alfresco lounge areas with plush sofas and natural furnishings like rattan chair and leather ottomans. And don’t forget to hang some beautiful outdoor lighting to kick the ambience into the next level.

Photo: Luke Middlemiss Photography at Beach Rd Holiday Homes

Wild florals, everlasting blooms and feathery foliage

These are all the trends we’re seeing for flowers in 2020. Native blooms and wildflowers complemented by lush greenery and feathery grasses. Dried flowers and palms coming together to create gorgeous installations. And even feathery fronds stealing the show on their own as pampas grass and buckwheat sheaves cascade down doorways, over backdrops and show up alone as centrepieces.

These florals will work into any theme, keep you on-trend and even stand alone as your extravagant statement piece we mentioned earlier. Plus no matter the weather, they’ll last forever.

Insta Wall

A few years ago, every wedding worth mentioning had a flower wall with it’s very own hashtag. We then added greenery walls (still gorgeous and in vogue) and now 2020 has taken it a step further with wedding wall art!

We seriously love this idea. Open to interpretation, think anything from a mural of the bride and groom, decals of their initials, custom illustrations from your fave local artist or even a balloon installation. And if none of those tickle you - flower walls and neon lights are still a thing. So much fun to be had here, just don’t forget to tag!

Self-service bar

What’s more exciting than a “pour your own drink” station? Nothing. Nothing is more exciting. Beer, champagne, cocktails. If you can drink it, you can pour it - yourself! Plus you can make the station look gorgeous and on-trend too.

Set it up as a normal bar (sans bartender) where guests can make their own cocktails. Or throw some drinks into icy tubs, so guests only have to pull out their fave bevvy of choice. Or you could hire in the perfect set of kegs (love this idea!). Did you know you can get kegs for champagne? Heaven…in a tap.

Edible Flowers

We’re running out of time, but this last one has to get a mention. We love love LOVE this 2020 trend of edible flowers being used everywhere possible - especially the cake! How beautiful to see marigolds, pansies, honeysuckle, daylilies and nasturtiums pressed into the wedding cake fondant to become it’s very own work of art.

You can also throw them in with infused water, ice cubes, salads, dessert and even as confetti! We’ve said it before and we’ll say it again - you can never go overboard with the florals at a wedding.

And that sums up it up for all our favourite trends hitting the wedding scene in the year 2020. If you’re looking for any more inspiration be sure to check out our other blogs like 5 ways to make your wedding unique.

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