5 Ways to Make Your Wedding Unique

Event planners, brides and grooms are always looking for fresh and exciting ideas to knock the socks off their wedding guests. Whether it’s scrolling through Pinterest boards or receiving ideas and advice from others to gain inspiration, you want your wedding day to define your relationship in a fun, creative way. Here are some fantastic tips for adding a little spunk to your wedding day vibe!


Creating digital invitations saves couples a lot of time and is as simple to create as 1,2,3! However, some believe that digital invitations can come off tad impersonal, which can be a little disappointing for your guests. Keep your traditions alive by creating a wedding stationery that reflects your style and sets the tone for your ceremony. Invitations are essentially the first impression you leave on your guests and will serve as a keepsake for a lasting one. Whether you decide to go with an acrylic, moody romance or minimalist design, be sure to have fun with it and make it you! For a unique twist and an organisational method, leave instructions in the invite that help your guests rsvp using your online rsvp site. This will guarantee timely responses.

Signature dining and cocktails

The trend of creating a signature cocktail named after your furry family member isn’t going anywhere! So, why not kick it up a notch by introducing a signature dining experience for your guests to compliment your signature cocktail. Create and personalise interactive food stations that allow your guests to customise their dish. Make it a priority to compliment your guests who have dietary restrictions by offering a variety of food options, like gluten free, dairy free or nut-free choices.

Another way to introduce a unique dining experience would be to offer a beer or wine pairing with the dishes you offer at your live stations. Source out local brews, wine and ingredients.

For your dining decor and glassware, consider mix and match china or coloured silverware to add a quirky, upbeat flare to your table decor! Place neon phrased signage close by your food and cocktail stations to serve as eye-catching focal points. They will add an edgy flair to your decor without tarnishing your overall theme.

Skip over wedding registry & ask for cash

The idea of creating a wedding registry is now becoming something of the past. More couples are leaning towards ditching this step of the planning process and creating accounts specifically to raise money for their honeymoon.

Wedding Favours

It’s pretty standard for couples to place a lot of thought into what they should gift their guests for attending their wedding. But let’s face it, some guests either forget to take the favour before they depart, or they grab the favour and quickly misplace it. Style your favour table with gifts that are stylish and that serve a purpose. Try a customised candle that is elegantly labelled with your wedding date and a logo that you and your partner may design. With some hemp string and fancy paper, tie a small note around the candle saying thank you!

Capture the moment

Make every moment candid through creating a bespoke backdrop for your wedding ceremony and wedding reception. Incorporating a floral arch, streaming lights, greenery and signage, are all ways to make your wedding backdrop stand out. Check out our décor catalogue for more inspiration.

If you want to step outside the box with your wedding day photography or videography, use a drone to capture the atmosphere. This tool acquires action from different heights and angles to get an outstanding amount of detail. As your photographer is snapping away, the drone can capture a moment that he or she might miss. Drones are quite expensive, so hiring a videographer can do just the trick if you think it’s not worth the splurge.

There we have it! 5 easy-to-implement tips to create an even more unique and unforgettable wedding day.

Whether it’s creating something tangible on the day like a signature cocktail or personalised wedding favour or thinking out the box on your invitations and videography - just make sure it reflects your personalities and most importantly you have fun with it!