5 Wedding Trends We're Loving For 2018

Wow! It’s nearly time to say goodbye to 2017 and hello to a NEW YEAR.

And while it frightens the bejeezus out of us that we are knockin’ on the doorstep of 2018 already, we’re uber excited for a new year! Because with a new year comes new brides and grooms, beautiful weddings and exciting new trends that we can’t wait to share with you.

To give you an insight into what 2018 has in store for you beautiful, soon-to-be married people, we’ve pulled together 5 of our fave trends that are super hot right now. So here we go!

1. Big, bold, quirky and colourful blooms

Sometimes, it’s true - bigger is better. This is definitely the case for 2018 where wedding bouquets and flower arrangements are colourful, dramatic and larger than life. And maybe also a little bit quirky.

Bouquets are looking to be full of colour and contrast with equal amounts of fun and sophistication. The aisles are likely to be adorned with potted plants, plentiful greenery and dramatic round floral arbours. And the venues will be scattered with botanical bars, suspended flower arrangements and bohemian wreaths with wispy grasses, wildflowers and sweet-smelling eucalyptus.

The greenery and flowers are definitely taking main stage at the moment - so don’t be afraid to incorporate them in wherever you can!

2. Unique food experiences

We all love to eat. It’s a universal thing that pulls us together - and definitely something that pulls a wedding together.

When your guests head home, have them talking about what a great experience they had with the food you provided. Yep - experience. It doesn’t have to be the old conventional 3-course meal at the table. You have full licence to mix it up here and make it a full experiential extravaganza!

Think grazing stations, farm to table experiences, food vans, pizza, tacos, sushi - there are no rules! Especially when it comes to the dessert and you’re pulling out a donut wall. These options are also a great way to save on the budget a bit - which is always an added bonus.

More money to spend on creating a killer backdrop!

3. Killer Backdrops

Killer backdrops did you say? Yep - that’s it. The buzz for 2018 is all about the backdrop.

Fill empty spaces, bring the wow factor and create epic photo opportunities. There are heaps of creative ways you can do this and it also brings in another way for you to incorporate more of that beautiful greenery.

Maybe a modern wire backdrop - perfect for flowers and some green stuff? Or even an entire garden wall? Shelving displays are pretty popular too at the moment. Not forgetting the gorgeous large arbours. Also think about incorporating lighting into this. An entire backdrop of lights is totally magical!

Have fun with it and don’t forget to # it for instagram!

4. Gold, copper, marble and transparent decor

Contemporary luxe seems to be where we’re at right about now. Heading into 2018 you’re gonna see lots of gold, copper, marble and transparent decor pieces rearing their pretty little heads. Expect a bit of bling, clean lines and scandi vibes, geometric centrepieces and see-through elements all around.

And the geometric shape is going to feature in more than just the centrepieces. You’ll be seeing it on the backdrop, on the wedding stationery, in the glass terrarium vases and even on the cake.

You’ll be admiring the view through clear tents or marquees, clear acrylic table plans, perspex chairs and glass vases everywhere. All adorned in luscious greenery and flowers of course.

Gold, copper and marble are taking over any colour palettes you may have in mind - and they’re perfect with the navy or blush colour schemes that are all the rage for 2018. We’re loving the gold cutlery especially, and if you can envisage a twirl around the marble dance floor then we’re all on the same page here!

5. The party after the party

While we all love the formality and romance that comes with the wedding ceremony, it’s no secret that we’re all hanging out for the reception bit. Much fun to be had and all the cake to eat. But once the food’s all gone and our heels are worn from all the dancing- we’re not quite ready to head home yet…

Enter: The After Party. In 2018, a lot of brides and grooms will be keeping the ceremony and reception a bit smaller than before - but then pulling out the big guns on the after-party. By saving more of the budget for the late-night portion of the evening, you’re going to be able to offer a fresh change of scenery to more people, in a more relaxed kinda vibe.

Think comfy couches, late-night finger foods, whiskey bar, roasting marshmallows over the firepit and some guy serenading the stars with his acoustic guitar. Aaahhh.. take us there now!

P.s This is also the perfect moment for an outfit change! #justsaying.

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