6 inspiring themes for your Sunshine Coast wedding

At Splash Events, we want to help you decide on the decorative theme for your wedding day, so for starters here are 6 inspirational ideas that we can mix and match and will help you to kick start your own design thoughts for your fabulous day.


The Natural Coastal Chic theme is inspired by the colours of the ocean with soft blues, driftwood beige, stormy greys and cloudy whites. The setting of your wedding tells a story of a seaside wedding where modern, natural and coastal elements mingle together, creating a natural organic styling concept. For more photos, click here


This style is a mix of contemporary sophistication with a touch of drama, mystery and intrigue, focussing on a base of black and gold with bold patterns, textures and sunbursts of colour. Think about black timber, beautiful ceramic vases and gold-topped glassware, patterned linen, and black accented goblets to add interest and texture.


This organic boho wedding style has a natural colour palette with bronze, copper, golds and vibrant pops of untamed floral accents. Imagine a crafted macramé backdrop partnered with hanging pots of handpicked blooms and a cosy, romantic intimate setting of mismatched ottomans, floor cushions and vintage chairs to give a relaxed and free-spirited style to your wedding.


Hola! To a rustic country setting, we bring all of the glorious glamour of a Mexican Fiesta-themed wedding with Mexican prints, vines and flowers. Guests will know where to go from the simple Spanish signage, and the rustic elements are highlighted with wooden crates overflowing with gorgeous richly coloured floral blooms.


Capture the elegance, romance, sophistication and whimsy of the 1920’s with soft pastel colours, aged glass vases, flickering candlelight and lace details to give a vintage vibe. We mix gold and silver elements with Hollywood glamour, cascading floral arrangements and vintage china, to evoke a feeling of the grandeur of yesteryear.


The boho wedding style is so versatile, ranging from casual beach to romantic french countryside, or a quirky whimsical woodland festival. Layered with texture, prints and plenty of colour and free-spirited prettiness. This romantic, relaxed, colourful, nature-inspired theme is an eclectic mix of the hippie, nomad and gypsy lifestyle with a touch of artistic flair.

These are just some of the beautiful, romantic and stunning wedding themes we can create for you here at Splash Events. Call 07 5470 2468 or contact us.