8 Reasons to Love Your Wedding Celebrant

It’s the most important part of your big day. That part when you say “I Do” and you sign those papers to officially say that you’ve married the person you love.

But there’s someone else you need to be loving at this moment - and that’s your wedding celebrant. Because without them you literally could not get married. Marriage celebrants are the only people under Australian Law who can solemnise a marriage (apart from a judge) and if they don’t follow the legally prescribed script and get sloppy with the paperwork, then you could still end up not actually married. Not something you want to happen!

And there’s so much more that your celebrant will do for you on your big and important day. You’d pretty much be lost without them.

Image by Ben Allan Photography; Celebrant: Patricia Quinn

1. A wedding celebrant can marry you anywhere in Australia. Which is pretty cool if you think about it.This includes island getaways, boats, gardens, beaches, rainforests, your back garden - like we said, pretty much anywhere. Just keep in mind you’ll need to cover any major travel costs and possibly accommodation if you take your celebrant too far from home.

2. Your celebrant will guide you through the different types of ceremonies you can have. They’ll be able to tailor and personalise your wedding ceremony so that it reflects your style and character and make it feel unique to you. The most important thing is to find a celebrant who you get on with and reflects your own personality. You’ll get to work this out at your first meeting with them - which is why your first session is usually complimentary.

Image by Lou O’Brian; Celebrant: Suzanne Riley

3. They’ll help you with your vows. Finding the right words is not always easy. And it’s good to have someone guide you both so you have similar vows in terms of tone, style and length. If you have no idea what to say, they’ll also have some great templates to work with.

4. The legal script. By Australian Law, there are some things you have to say to make your marriage legally binding. Your celebrant will know what you’ll need to include and they’ll help you say them on the day if you don’t want to have to memorise it all. Which let’s be honest - you don’t. You’ll be too excited thinking about all the other things!

Image: Fig Tree Productions; Celebrant: Jay Flood

5. Your dream ceremony. A good marriage celebrant will discuss all your ideas and wishes with you to personalise your ceremony. They’ll have suggestions on how to include family members, what readings to use if you’re unsure and they’ll even coordinate it all on the day so that everyone has what they need and knows what they’re doing. We may as well call them wedding fairies to pull all that together!

6. Your celebrant is also your ceremony MC. They’ll make sure the right seats are filled by the right people, they’ll make announcements regarding phones and photos, and they’ll usually supply the PA system so you won’t have to worry about hiring one. Like we said - we’d be lost without them.

Image: Trent & Jessie Photography; Celebrant: Big Love Weddings

7. They’ll handle the paperwork and legal stuff before the wedding. Including getting you to sign the Notice of Intention to Marry and the Declaration Form saying you’re both willingly entering the marriage with no legal impediment. They’ll also make sure all your Identification documents are in order. Less paperwork for you = winning.

8. And after the wedding. To make sure it’s all legal, your celebrant will organise and handle the Presentation Certificate (the pretty one you sign for the photographer) as well as have you sign their Celebrants Marriage Register and the second Marriage Certificate to submit and make it all legal. In some states, the celebrant can even apply for your certified marriage certificate with Births, Deaths and Marriages.

Image: White Images; Celebrant Kirsty Spencer

Who knew there’s so much to organise for this gig?! It takes excellent planning and organisational skills plus someone who makes that special day all the more special. So many reasons to love your celebrant!

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