"Coming home for Christmas" Hastings St Noosa

It’s the most magical time of the year! This year, as the excitement of Christmas began to roll around, most of us knew that 2020 was going to be different from any other kind of Christmas we’ve had before. One where we don’t go too far from our own beautiful backyard and instead spend it at home with close friends or family, filled with gratitude and appreciation for all the things we usually take for granted.

Noosa is home to such a diverse group from all over the country - even the world - with majority of us calling Noosa home because we love the lifestyle; the welcoming community; our strong connection to the water and surrounding nature; and the people we become when living our best lives in one of the most beautiful places in the world.

So it’s not hard to see why this was the inspiration behind the theme, “Coming home for Christmas'', chosen by Hastings Street Association for this year’s Christmas decor and entertainment. And why we’re so honoured to have taken on the task of styling and decorating Hastings Street this Christmas.

During the planning stage, we knew our priority had to be to remind everyone of why we’re so lucky to call Noosa home this Christmas - because no matter where in the world you’re from - this Christmas, you belong right here. We wanted everyone to feel that, as soon as they stepped onto Hastings Street.

To remind us that we all came from somewhere, we parked a gorgeous vintage car on the first large roundabout coming on to Hastings Street and stacked it high with surfboard and Christmas presents. We also adorned it with a Christmas wreath and hitched a Christmas tree to the boot for good effect. On the next roundabout just before you drive into Noosa Woods, we parked a Noosa Longboard’s Kombi similarly loaded with wreath, surfboard and beautifully wrapped presents. We hoped that the big Kombi would help remind us that we’re all in this together.

The rest of Hastings Street became a gauntlet of oversized hanging decorations, including both a traditional bauble and a theme appropriate lifesaving ring. We live on the beach, after all! We also added some fun signage to point any lucky visitors to our best spots like Noosa Main Beach, Little Cove and of course Santa’s Surf School. Also a little reminder to the locals that whichever way you go, something magical waits there for you.

We kept the colour scheme simple this year, stepping away from the more traditional reds and golds and instead offering more relevant colours like the Noosa blue and white. How lucky we are to gaze into that blueness any day we wish!

This year the Christmas displays are clearly visible both day and night - and take on a totally magical feel when the millions of fairy lights begin to twinkle from twilight into the evening. This magical feeling was also felt in the entertainment Hasting Street Association organised to peruse the streets this year, including stilt walkers, magicians, live music, world class living statues, dancers, ballerinas, uni-cyclists and much more. They did an incredible job to make us feel like we could be absolutely anywhere in the world - and we didn’t even need to leave home.

While many of us may have been disappointed that we couldn’t travel this year for Christmas, we feel that along with Hastings Street Association, we at Splash Events were able to create a place on Hastings Street that celebrates the joy of Christmas at home - ensuring any visitors felt at home too.

We hope that everyone has a beautiful Christmas filled with love, happiness, health and gratitude. May your New Year bring a multitude of new, wonderful things.