How to host the perfect Melbourne cup luncheon

The Melbourne Cup is the one event that brings Australia to a stop and it is the one time when hosting a party at work is more than acceptable – it is expected!

The Melbourne Cup is the one event that brings Australia to a stop and it is the one time when hosting a party at work is more than acceptable – it is expected!

The problem is where do you start? Do you want a small cosy get together in the Board Room, an afternoon of fun and frolicking at an office party or an exclusive event for the executive members of your company and your top clients?

Regardless of how you want to celebrate this fabulous racing day, rewarding your staff and engaging with your clients is a great way to grow your business. However, for your celebration to be an unparalleled success and the talk of the town over the water cooler, you will need to have a few key elements in place.


Your venue for your Melbourne Cup celebrations will depend on your budget, your business, the number of people attending and whether the guests will be employees or out of town clients. You might decide to host your party in the office, at a local hotel, club or restaurant, on the beach, at a local park or even on a boat!

If you decide on a local establishment, think about whether you want to organise a private room for your party or just join in the fun with everyone else at the venue. Having your own space makes the celebration all the more special and intimate, allowing you to put together a fun and creative styling theme for everyone to enjoy on the day.

If you are not sure where to go on the Sunshine Coast, check out our links page for a list of venues on the Sunshine Coast that are sure to be having parties!


This is your chance to go all out and host the best party of the year! So think about creating a racing carnival atmosphere at your event with lots of bright racing colours, picket fences, astro turf, bunting, racing mannequins and coloured carpet runners.

At Splash Events we have everything you need for a fabulous day at the races, so we can come in and have your party room ready and waiting for everyone to arrive on time. All you need to do is to call us up and leave all the work to us on the big day.


You cannot forget to have a live broadcast of the Melbourne Cup at your event, so wherever you decide to host your party, make sure that there is a large screen TV available for everyone to have a good view.

Melbourne Cup day is much more fun when you are screaming for a horse, so make sure you organise some sweeps to get everyone in the spirit.


Lets face it, Melbourne Cup is as much about Fashion as it is horse racing! It doesn’t matter if you’re not at the Race, it’s a great excuse to frock up! As part of the celebration, you could also host a cheeky fashion show or prize for the best-dressed lady and man.


Whether you want a sit-down lunch, food on the go or a cocktail party, there needs to be plenty of food on hand, as well as drinks and champagne. Most Melbourne Cup parties start around lunchtime, so everyone will expect you to provide food and drinks on the day.

With the race not starting until around 3pm, you will need to ensure a steady supply of both food and drinks for your staff and guests. Depending on the venue and guest list for your party, you might decide to self-cater or to hire in a catering company.


Once the race is over and everyone is ready to head off home, ensuring that everyone arrives home safe is an important part of the day. Your guests may have celebrated with an abundance of champagne, so ensuring that transport is available for anyone who needs a lift is a great way to finish your Melbourne Cup festivities.

If you want help styling a venue for your Melbourne Cup Race Day celebrations, call Splash on 07 5470 2468 or email [email protected].