Our top 4 Christmas styling trends

It’s the most magical time of the year! Sparkling lights; streams of beautiful, crunchy wrapping paper; the smell of fallen pine needles; and a swarm of jolly old men dressed in red, frightening the bejeezus out of all the small children. Oh the joy!

Let’s be honest - the parties, Pimms and any excuse fora Chrissy celebrations is where it’s all at. To get you in the mood we’ve put together our best pieces of inspiration for a beautiful setting in 2018.


Garish red and green Christmas baubles went out of favour around the same time as Christmas sweaters. And unlike the sweaters - they’ve not made a come-back. In 2018, there are a few key trends happening that might help you decide on your theme. From bright and simple to luxe and romantic, the options are GLORIOUS. And because we’ve made it clear that the red and green colour combo is not so cool, we’ve also suggested a few on-trend and sumptuous shades of colours to suit your theme. Altogether there’s sure to be something that jingle your bells!


If you think the Scandi look is done, think again. It’s functional, understated and a great way to make an impression with a clean, uncluttered look. It’s all about keeping things simple and focusing on the meaningful. There’s no unnecessary fuss or wild mixes of texture and colour.

Envision clean designs, neutral tones, light wood, soft lighting and geometric elements. Scandi style relies on understated tones - from pure white to bright red; gold and cool shades of grey; and blue to deep burgundy and black. A neutral tone like white brightens up the space and creates a calm atmosphere.


In 2018, a rustic and natural look mixed with some simple Scandinavian design is really where ALL the love’s at. Throw in some authentic forest pieces and you’ll be calling it A Magical Christmas In The Woods . Soft materials, distressed wood and aged metals such as copper. Sounds beautiful, right? Actually, copper is a major trend in itself this year, perfect as a stand-out feature in all your decor pieces; or by just adding small touches like string lights and tea light holders.

Use light pecan browns, dusky berry pinks, copper and enchanting dark blues will whisk you into your enchanted forest. Lots of gorgeous combos to choose from even for the minimalist!


If you’re feeling the vibe for something a little more moody, a swing in the Luxe Romance department may light up your metaphorical Christmas tree. On trend, classic and unique all wrapped up in one, Luxe Romance is all about creating a dreamy setting with refined textiles, velvet, lace, metallic surfaces and dark woods. So basically the opposite of the minimalist! Warm metals mixed with dark colours pop while also giving you all the festive feels. And dark florals are the real star on top - adding that opulent sense of luxury.

Think Jewel tones. Sapphire, emerald, ruby, amethyst, and topaz. These rich, vibrant colors can make your Christmas set-up feel elegant and glamorous. In addition to adding some sparkle, jewel tones instantly create a cozy, warm atmosphere.


We love a clean, bright and white palette with explosions of greenery everywhere. A more modern style with white and cream tones; golds and brass to add that touch of festivity; and statement pieces of greenery. Think hanging florals, structural arrangements and over-the-top wreaths. Fresh, dreamy and smells like Christmas in summer!

If you’re feeling white is a bit too plain for your taste, using non-traditional colors for Christmas is a big trend this year. Especially pink! When decorating, think soft pink, rose gold, dusty rose, blush, and champagne. Dreamy, romantic colors which also look gorgeous paired with metallics.


Once you’ve envisioned your theme and colours, you’ll need to think about what type of setting you’d like. You’re generally looking at either seated or cocktail. If you’re after something more formal, then a seated arrangement works well. If you want seated but don’t want to complicate the menu, feasting tables are a great option and super social as well.

If you want to keep it a bit more simple, a cocktail style party is always a great option. You’ll still need to factor in comfy seated areas and chill-out zones for guests, so that 50-70% of your guests can be seated at any one time. And options here can vary from lounges, bar tables and coffee tables to more informal picnic rugs and cushions.

But whichever way you go, it’s always worth including some stand-out areas such as a statement bar area and photo backdrops. It will add some fun and have people talking for a while after your event.


It’s Christmas after all. So unlike any party you throw throughout the rest of the year - at Christmas time you have the added fun of designing your tree. And with the styles on trend this year there’s heaps of opportunity to think beyond the traditional! Think about your theme and go from there. Pinterest is a great place to start looking for inspiration and we’ll definitely be able to help with some great creative ideas!

There you have it, some perfect inspiration to help you style the best Christmas Ever. If you need help with a last minute party celebration, get in touch on 07 5470 2468 or at [email protected] or via our contact form here.