SUPPLIER SPOTLIGHT: First Class Pet Wedding Assistants

Don’t leave your pooch hanging on the biggest event of the year!

Picture this: You’re beautifully dressed in your wedding attire and bound for the aisle, all your closest families and friends are gathered to celebrate your ridiculously exciting day, there’s good food to be had and many more laughs to be shared. And your best mate Marley, Molly, or Missy, is sat on the couch at home all alone, wondering where his human folk have disappeared to without them. Awww.

Furry friends are friends for life. When we bring that naughty pup, sweet kitten or fluffy bunny home they immediately become part of the family. We take them to the beach with us, cuddle them on the couch with us and some even sleep at the bottom of the bed with us.

So when we have a super special event - such as the day we get married - is there any good reason why they shouldn’t share that with us too? Enter: First Class Pet Wedding Assistants.

Solving the biggest problem of every engaged couple in SE Queensland (and a few other places as well) Pet Wedding Assistants allow your best bud to partake in your wedding day with absolutely no fuss or stress on your behalf.

Your best mate doesn’t only get to be there - they get to be the star in the show! They’ll be dressed up in complementary wedding attire - hello doggy bowtie and flower crown. They’ll meet and greet your guests and partake in the ceremony - still deciding on a ring bearer??

And they’ll make a paw-some impression in your professional photos (sorry, couldn’t resist!). And depending on what package you take, they may even get some well-needed doggy training (‘coz you know that daawg can sometimes be outta control!).

To top it all off, First Class Pet Wedding Assistants will also document your fur babies whole day with over 100 photographs, all from their perspective. Which is pretty cool, right?

We’ve had a few clients use Pet Wedding Assistants and we’ve heard nothing but great things. We love that they get a hydrobath before the ceremony! And all the transportation and coordination between the ceremony and photos are taken care of. They are then whisked off home before they turn into a pumpkin, given food, water, and a whole lotta love. And then they’re tucked into bed to sleep off the excitement of the day.

It’s so great to know that your pet will be taken care of on your wedding day but still get to be a part of it! And there’s no discrimination on what per you bring - hey, even horses are invited.

When you look back at your wedding pics a few year down the line, you won’t be missing that extra spesh family member, he’ll be there all tongues and smiles waiting for Mr. and Mrs. to cuddle him at the end of the aisle.

If you’re interested in finding out more about First Class Pet Wedding Assistants and their packages, you can visit their website here.