The Hottest Wedding Trends for 2019

Every new year, we get a little tingle of excitement to see what latest trends hit the pinterest board when wedding season’s in full swing.

And 2019 has got us all sorts of inspired already! This year we continue to see couples turn away from the more traditional and play with ideas for creative and personalised weddings, unique food concepts, sustainable decor and more. There’s so much you can do when you think outside the box.

So we’ve got a few of our fave Sunshine Coast suppliers to give some expert insight into what trends they’re expecting to see in 2019 - and we’ve we’ve got a few of our own too.

Here are the biggest trends we’re expecting to see in weddings this year:

Design & Styling - Nicole, Head Stylist and Founder of Splash Events

In terms of decor, we’re going to be seeing couples embrace more bright and bold colours and ditch rigid colour palettes. So instead of seeing one or two specific colours, you’ll likely see a range of complementary shades at weddings in 2019. Copper and rust are also the next big colours for metallic weddings - overtaking brass, brushed metals and silver. For more colour inspiration see our recent blog on 2019 on Trend Colours

In general, weddings will look and feel more personalised and natural, with couples mixing and matching decor elements and attire to create a “less polished” look. Backyard weddings seem to be jumping on this trend, with more couples looking to personalise their wedding by getting married in a more sentimental place - such as their own properties.

There’s also going to be an increased focus on sustainability with couples and vendors thinking more about the planet. So glass straws, foam-free flower installations, wedding dresses that use ethical practices and we love the idea of recycling the ceremony flowers into little bouquets and giving them to guests after the reception.

In terms of food, it’s all about interactive food stations, grazing tables, artistic edible displays, signature cocktails and floral ice cubes. In fact, any opportunity to create special customised moments; including picnics and activity stations for kids, mini-events after the main reception - like bonfires with marshmallows and sing-a-long in the whiskey bar - anything to make the day more personalised and keep the party going for longer. Couples are even extending it further by making a full week or weekend of it with guests gathering before and after the wedding day.

The Cake - Mel, Owner and Chef at Chocolate 2 Chilli

We’ve been seeing it for a while now, but the trend moving into 2019 is definitely for the wedding cake to taste amazing as well as look beautiful.

Most couples will be using the cake as their dessert, so more dessert-style cakes with dripping sauces, soft rustic icings and edible decorations such as macarons, chocolate shards and berries - which are very popular.

The semi-naked cake is not going anywhere either – people just love its natural simplicity and it really can be dressed up or down to suit any theme from rustic to elegant. One big trend is to decorate the bottom tier with bold colours or ruffles, with the top tiers being the more simple semi-naked style to balance it out.

We’re moving away from the more formal, classic cakes to much more artistic and personalised designs – couples are able to go with bold colours and textures to really make a statement.

Don’t be afraid of colour! Dark moody colours like black or charcoal or even classic white looks amazing against bright oranges, corals and hot pink florals. Put some thought into the details such as a stunning cake stand or a personalised cake topper… just don’t try to mix too many different ideas and styles into one cake – less can be more.

Wedding Stationery - Nicole, Owner at Peach Perfect Stationery

In 2018 there was a huge increase in nature-inspired, greenery style invitations and reception stationery. Watercolours started to become particularly popular, using both bold colours and pastels. And we’ll continue to see this trend remain popular throughout 2019.

Handwritten calligraphy is also looking popular for 2019, where we’ll be seeing more of the casual, cursive font styles. I love this style as it’s warm, inviting and provides an insight into the bride and groom themselves. It’s exciting to see the introduction of so many new gorgeous variations on these fonts and they work with so many invitation design styles - from florals to minimalistic.

I’ve also loved seeing more hand-illustrated design elements being introduced into wedding stationery, such as drawings of botanicals using a fine art pen. It really adds such a unique and personal touch.

In terms of the colour palette, I think we’ll notice a big move towards bold colours mixed with more natural and neutral colours in 2019. Bold colours can be subtly introduced in details such as the envelope, a ribbon wrap (as part of an invitation suite), in the place-cards on the day and more. I think we’ll be seeing lots of soft pinks, sand, charcoal, forest green, dusty blues and rich burgundy.

Overall, I think 2019 is going to be rich in minimalist design in all aspects of wedding styling - and the more nature-inspired the better!

The Flowers - Amanda, Flax Flower Collective

At Flax, we’re super excited to see some beautiful floral trends flowing in for all our 2019 weddings. Bold and romantic bouquets, rich flower installations and jaw-dropping tables are where it’s at this year.

We’re expecting to see less of the pink and burgundy colour combo and more coral and burgundy! Deep purple, pale pink and mauve are also on the up. Green and white will always feature strongly, however, we’re also expecting to see some more white on white this year too.

In terms of the flowers, I think we’ll see less natives and eucalypt this year, with hydrangea, ranunculus, dahlias, scabiosa and feature leaves taking front stage. Variegated and patterned leaves will be big! The bouquet in particular are going to be less whimsical whimsy and fine foliage and more plump, round and juicy. They’ll still be large - but again we’re thinking bold for 2019!

On the tables, there will be less garlands featured this year and more gardens! We’re super excited for this and look forward to creating long and low arrangements with no visible vessels, giving the illusion of a garden on the table. So beautiful.

Lastly, arbours will still continue to be a gorgeous feature for both ceremony and reception. However, it’ll be less about rustic corner features and more about industrial copper dressed with large asymmetrical flower features. Overall, it’s going to be a fun and adventurous year!

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