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ASK THE EXPERTS: Winter Blooms and Floral Trends in 2019

As the seasons change and we all officially wrap up in our winter boots and fluffy scarves, you can’t help but notice our natural surrounds, the general landscape and even the blue skies become much more crisp and dramatic. And rather breathtaking to say the least.

We also couldn’t help but notice that the floral trends for winter 2019 have taken on a similar status. And we’re absolutely loving it!

The muted, pastel tones with a contrasting surge in rich, warm colours; the dried out flowers and foliage; and just the flowers - all of the flowers! We seriously can’t wait for the season to go into full swing.

We caught up with a few of our favourite florists on the Sunshine Coast to see what their take is on the upcoming floral trends for the Sunshine Coast and beyond. We got insight into their favourite statement pieces for the season - and we even scored some key expert tips for planning your own winter wedding flowers.

We are so excited about all the information we got, we just gotta say a big thanks to our florists for allowing us to share a few of their little secrets. So before they change their minds….!


What is on trend for winter florals in 2019?

Heavenly Blooms - I was lucky enough to work in New York twice last year and experience some incredible opportunities to explore the upcoming season trends. The flower markets were full of dried pieces and there were lots of these muted tones coming through in both fashion and florals. Needless to say, I came home super inspired! So I predict a big upcoming trend for both autumn and winter that’ll incorporate dried flowers through our weddings in beautiful muted tones.

Flax Flower - Large! Misshapen bouquets with minimal greenery. 

Blooms of Noosa - Oooh there are exciting times ahead. Lovely full blooming varieties are on cue. Pinks, whites, creams, apricots and some deep reds and burgundies. Even oranges. Leaves and textured foliages as well as the odd dried leaf and fluffiness like papyrus or feathers. Spraying bold gold and silver leaves is also really popular at the moment. These are of course complementary to stylish boho elegance.

Naturelle - At Naturelle, we’re finding bridal bouquets with less foliage and fillers. Also, designs putting emphasis on bold groupings, allowing each flower type to speak for themselves.

Winter floral trends

Winter floral trends


Which popular bridal flowers are in season in South East Queensland during the autumn and winter months? 

Blooms of Noosa - Roses roses roses!!  Orchids of many varieties such as cymbidiums and phalaenopsis orchids. We’re seeing natural colours of pinks, fuschia and white but amazing imported varieties that the growers have altered by placing them into dyes and they come up with lovely blues, oranges and browns. It's incredible.  

Flax Flower - There are too many to name! Winter is the BEST. It’s the Sunshine Coast’s “spring time” when it comes to flowers. So many varieties of roses come into availability. We’re seeing so many new shapes and sizes and colours. A rose is no longer just a rose. Fragrant freesias and hyacinths, Sweet pea, tulips, anemones, daphne, delphinium, helleborus, hippeastrums, colourful poppies, textural greens and soft ferns. 

Popular bridal flowers

What would be your biggest recommendation for keeping flowers budget-friendly, specifically in the cooler months?

Flax Flower - Giving us creative license! Trust the professionals. Just like fruit and veg, if it’s in season, you’re getting it for the best price. We’re always happy to oblige when a bride has a very specific flower choice in mind and we’ll have flowers imported from the other side of the world for them if we have to. But it’ll come at a cost. So give us a colour scheme, some inspiration, a general look and feel and let us choose what’s seasonal and gorgeous on the day. These are always our most beautiful bouquets. 

Heavenly Blooms - Budget friendly florals for your wedding can be achieved by letting the florist pick your flowers in the colour palette you’ve chosen. The absolute best way to get the most out of a creative florist is to let them play and imagine that they’re at markets, experiencing all the wonders of an ever changing nature's playground.

Blooms of Noosa - Always seasonal for sure, sticking to two or three blooms only, where buying can be done wiser. And buying large bunched blooms that are abundant in quantity and quality.

Budget friendly florals


What floral colours do you expect to be popular in Autumn and Winter for 2019?

Naturelle - At present we’re seeing lot’s of pastel tones of dusty pinks, apricot, white, cream, sage. Earthy tones of bronze, copper, ivory and latte are also still a popular choice for brides.

Flax Flower - Muted palettes of ivory, white and antique as a base, with bright or deep shocks of colour. We’re seeing a lot of bright red as an accent. And terracotta and apricot are also featuring a lot in our upcoming designs this winter.

Blooms of Noosa - It's solid colours. As I mentioned earlier, we’re seeing lots of pinks. As well as whites, creams, apricots and some deep reds, burgundies and oranges. Accent items with decor and stylising is gold, black, green, silvers, whites.

Floral colours for Autumn and Winter

Floral colours for Winter


What’s your biggest tip when planning your flowers during the cooler months?

Flax Flower - Lots of inspirational imagery. Take inspiration from everything around you. Take lots of photos! We always have a camera in our hands. Pictures speak a thousand words. Also, regardless of your budget. Start BIG. Imagine your perfect “pinterest wedding”, start there and then work down towards your budget. It gives us a better understanding of what’s really important to you.


What sustainable choices can a client make when choosing wedding florals, specifically in the cooler months?

Heavenly Blooms - I’m passionate about sustainability in my work and always go the extra mile to find a way to keep flowers local. I prefer to use in season blooms, I go organic foraging and I also use dried pieces that I’ve saved from previous weeks. We offer a service that I’m very passionate about, where we can pick up your florals the day after your big day and  take them to nursing homes, women’s shelters and any other places close to my brides heart, for them to repurpose. This act brings me so much joy as it does for the recipients too!

Flax Flower - In the same way choosing “seasonal” will help keep your costs down, it’s also more sustainable. We can import flowers from anywhere in the world if they’re in season but the costs to our environment are greater. Go fresh and local with your choices.

Sustainable floral choices


What's your favourite or stand out key floral design piece?

Blooms of Noosa - I love colour!Lindy photography, Jennifer Oliphant Photography

Flax Flower - Free standing designs incorporating tall pampas and foliage.

Free Standing designs


Naturelle - My most recent and absolute favourite creative piece which is a little out of the floral design box is my “Rapunzel of Blooms”. Created using mocha phalaenopsis orchids, mauve, cream and dusty pink roses, succulents, pampas grass, amaranthus, peppercorn berry, hyacinths, tuberoses and nandina foliage. A floral garden fit for a fairytale.

Rapunzel of blooms

We are so grateful to be working with some super talented florists. If you want more information please contact us or you can view the florist websites by clicking on the links below.

With thanks to Emma at Flax Flower; Nat from Heavenly Blooms, Rebecca from Blooms of Noosa and Jo from Naturelle