2021 Weddings

10 hottest trends for 2021 weddings

2021 is already in full swing and, while Covid is far from the distant memory we’d hoped it would be by now, we’re still looking at this upcoming season of weddings with fresh eyes and eager souls.

So although weddings are expected to look a bit different for the foreseeable future, the Splash Events team are super excited by the wedding and styling trends popping up in 2021. All inevitably circled around the changes we saw last year and the new priorities found by our future brides and grooms - who are more invested in creating a unique and personalised experience than ever before.

Here are a few stand out wedding trends we’re going to see in 2021:

1. Luxe Intimate Weddings

Smaller and intimate weddings are going to be a “thing” for a while. This gets us excited because it usually means that couples are keen to invest in making their special day more personalised, allowing us to add more wow factor to their big day. This can come in all shapes and forms but could feature things like an elaborate (possibly Royalesque) arbour of flowers; a five-course degustation menu; gin and whiskey bars; custom gifts for each wedding guest, fireworks; a guest appearance by Chris Hemsworth…you get the idea.

2. Personalised Table Service

With small and intimate weddings comes the opportunity to create personalised menus and sumptuous dinners to cater for smaller groups. Focussing on paddock to plate and seasonal local produce. Additionally, due to people’s perception of shared plates changing, we’re expecting table service and specialised bartenders to be the next big thing. We’re also seeing the rise of “mini-boards” where for example, instead of a shared charcuterie board or one large wedding cake, you get a mini version all to yourself.

Apart from the cute food and incredible drinks being served to you on a golden platter - we’re also going to see a new emphasis on creating jaw-dropping table settings. And we do so love a pretty table! This year we’re expecting our tables to be a bit extra with lots of layering; a bounty of flowers, greenery and candles; high-quality linens and lots of personal touches.

3. Incredible Outdoor Weddings

Because our close friends and family’s safety is paramount in times like these, we’re expecting more weddings to be created in the open spaces with plenty of fresh air and gentle breezes, which means more tipi weddings and romantic lighting than ever before! Imagine making an entrance to your reception through a beautiful lit light tunnel! Or make a massive statement with a gorgeous light structure, a great talking point that will add some extra magic to your special day.

4. New Statement Colours and Hues

While the blush and neutral tones have taken centre stage for a while now, we are suddenly loving fresh colour palettes with a splash of colour. We’re seeing bold and nature-driven hues that we haven’t seen since the 90’s and we’re loving it. Look to use your favourite colours in unexpected places that create dramatic yet stylistic displays, such as your wedding arbour, table centrepieces, cake table or dancefloor.

5. Breathtaking Florals and Greenery

As we see more weddings take place outdoors, the emphasis on bringing nature into your special event has become even greater. With bold colours and hues taking centre stage of this year’s wedding trends, we expect much of that colour to be driven through outstanding floral arrangements and centrepieces. We also expect dried florals to still be popular this year, and expect to see large features of dried palm leaves incorporating unusual blooms. With lots of colour on the cards, the possibilities are endless.

6. Bespoke spaces to relax and rest your heels

Outdoor lounges are inevitably living on as we see the number of outdoor weddings grow in 2021. Except now there are even greater expectations falling on not just the style, but also the comfort of these settings. Think oversized, plush cane lounges surrounded by lush greenery and natural features - with waiters bringing around trays of champagne and canapes. Make a place where people want to spend their time socialising and regrouping before taking their next spin on the open dancefloor.

7. Big Entertainment

“Go big, or go home” is our new motto when it comes to wedding entertainment. After a year of seeing all our favourite sporting, music and cultural events cancelled or postponed, everyone’s craving the lil’ bit extra when it comes to an event - even weddings. Surprise your guests with entertainment like fire entertainment, magicians, comedians, stilt-walkers, your favourite DJ or even a full live band. It won’t only make for a more memorable day but will also be so much fun for you and your guests.

8. Brunch Weddings

Repeat after me: Mimosa, mimosa, mimosa. Although morning weddings have always been a thing overseas in places like England, they’ve only recently started to become popular here in Australia as outdoor weddings are becoming more necessary. Couples are making the most of the daylight hours and creating fun garden parties and brunch extravaganzas under luxurious tipis. The best part is you can celebrate throughout the day and still feel on top of the world the next morning. And maybe even continue the celebrations then!?

9. More focus on supporting local business.

We all know how hard small businesses were hit last year with not just Covid but also the bushfires and drought before that. But as a silver lining, there was a great push by all communities to support local businesses - and this has extended into wedding planning as well. This year we expect to see a big emphasis on couples supporting the local butcher, baker and even candlestick maker. From food to beverage to flowers, to bespoke potteries, the trend will certainly be to source suppliers as locally as possible, minimise carbon emissions and embrace boutique and locally curated products.

10. More Video and Live Streaming to Capture Your Big Day

As social media evolves to capture our attention more than ever before, so has the movement towards video. And almost in full circle to the old days where everyone used to have video at their wedding, we’re seeing a trend moving towards the same thing in 2021. Except of course these days, the videographers and technology are far more advanced and creative than ever before. A perfect solution for loved ones overseas who can’t attend your wedding.

And that’s our top pick for the hottest wedding trends we’re loving in 2021.

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