25 Epic Party Themes: Unforgettable Celebrations to Remember!

Our top party themes that guarantee an extraordinary and fun-filled celebration!

Studio 54:

Welcome to the Disco Inferno! For the perfect Disco-themed party decor, make sure to use plenty of vibrant colours and bold patterns. Incorporate large disco balls as a focal point in the room and use coloured spotlights to create a dazzling dance floor. To add some extra flair, use metallic fringe curtains to create a backdrop for your photo booth or DJ booth. You can also use neon signs with classic disco phrases like “Boogie Nights” or “Stayin' Alive” to add some extra fun to the atmosphere. For the finishing touch, create a lounge area with plush velvet furniture and funky accent pieces like lava lamps and shag rugs. 

Rio Carnival:

Step right up to the greatest show on earth with our Carnival-themed party! This spectacular theme is a riot of colour and light, loaded with texture and vibrant elements to create a true party atmosphere. Incorporate key furniture pieces like vintage circus tents and use brightly coloured feathers and floral arrangements to add depth and dimension to the space. The use of colourful and playful lighting will add to the overall ambiance, as well as create a sense of excitement and wonder for your guests.

White party:

There’s something about an all-white party that just screams “sophistication.” Whether it’s the sleekness of the colour or the air of exclusivity that comes with a monochromatic guest list, an all-white soirée is sure to turn heads. ⁠⁠ So, whether you’re planning a chic summer bash or a glamorous winter affair, an all-white party is sure to impress your guests.⁠⁠


Welcome to the land down under with our Australiana-themed party! Take your guests on a journey through the rugged Australian outback with the use of tall gum trees, rustic water tanks, claw bath tubs, and hurricane lanterns. Incorporate native flora and fauna to add a touch of authenticity to the atmosphere and include food huts serving up classic Australian cuisine to complete the experience. To add a touch of grace and elegance, consider using vintage or antique pieces of furniture and decor, such as old steamer trunks and vintage crockery. With these elements, your guests will feel like they’ve stepped back in time to the simpler, more rustic days of Australia’s past.

Coachella Festival:

Transport your guests to a Coachella-inspired wonderland! With inviting lounge spaces and different level seating options from high bars and low picnic settings. Still keeping those festival feels with boho touches and earthy colours mixed in with pops of vibrant colours to create a lively atmosphere.  With the right mix of bohemian style and festival energy, your guests will feel like they’ve stepped right into the heart of Coachella!

Havana Nights:  

A Havana Nights themed event captures the vibrant and lively essence of Cuba, bringing together a mix of tropical, colourful, and rustic elements to create a festive and fun-filled atmosphere. The theme is perfect for an outdoor evening event, with a warm and balmy ambiance that makes guests feel like they’ve been transported to a tropical paradise.  The decorations for a Havana Nights event are bright, bold, and full of life, incorporating colourful flowers, lush greenery, and plenty of flamingos to add a playful touch.

Step back in time:

Get ready to step back in time with our ultimate retro party theme! Whether you’re a fan of the groovy 60s, the funky 70s, the neon-filled 80s, or the grunge-filled 90s, we’ve got you covered. We’ll transform the venue into a time machine, complete with iconic decor, classic tunes, and nostalgic memorabilia. Dust off your bell bottoms, grab your platform shoes, and slip into your favourite vintage outfit. We’ll have everything from psychedelic lava lamps to disco balls, from cassette tapes to boomboxes, and from Rubik’s Cubes and neon lights. It’s time to let loose, have fun, and make some unforgettable memories at our retro-themed party!

Mexican Fiesta:

Host a Mexican Fiesta like no manana! Set the scene with string up papel picado, cool acapulco chairs, coloured oil drums, mix of coloured tolix & rattan stools, custom timber furniture, cactus, colourful throws and gorgeous bright floral. A vibrant and fun theme, we can take your party ordinary to olé!


Step back in time to the 1920s with prohibition-era decor, jazz music, and classic cocktails.  Stick to dark, rich colours such as burgundy, black and gold. Choose plush and comfortable seating such as leather or velvet couches, armchairs, and ottomans. Decorate tables with vintage tablecloths, antique glassware, and silver candlesticks. Your Kit Kat Club is a place to throw away the troubles of the outside world and enjoy a burlesque floorshow and other guilty pleasures of life.

Casino Royale:

Welcome to the world of high-stakes gambling and glamour with the Casino Royale theme! With this theme, your guests will feel like they’ve stepped into a scene from a James Bond movie. Set the tone with a grand red carpet entrance and invite your guests to dress up in their finest formal wear.

Welcome to the Hamptons!  

Create a sophisticated and elegant beachy ambiance with a soft colour palette of whites, blues, and sandy hues. Think linen tablecloths and napkins, white Hampton chairs, and crisp white tableware. You can even add a touch of glam with silver or gold accents. the Hamptons theme is all about creating a relaxed, elegant atmosphere that feels effortlessly chic. So, kick off your shoes, grab a cocktail, and enjoy the beachy vibes of the Hamptons!

Palm Springs:

Palm Springs party theme is perfect for celebrating summer, bringing together a mix of vintage flair and modern sophistication. It’s a party that will leave guests feeling like they’ve stepped into a time machine to the fabulous 1960s era of California cool. Imagine a poolside lounge with pink flamingos and palm trees, where guests can relax on colourful, cushioned seating and sip on fruity cocktails. The bar can be decorated with neon signs and a tiki bar backdrop, serving up classic cocktails like Mai Tais and Daiquiris.

Wild Wild West:

Yeehaw! Saddle up and head out west with a Wild West-themed party.  Dress up in your best cowboy hats and boots and get ready to create a fun and authentic Western-style atmosphere. Use hay bales and wooden barrels to add a rustic charm to the decor and incorporate horseshoes for an extra nod to the equestrian lifestyle of the Wild West. For a truly memorable experience, set up a mechanical bull ride to test your cowboy skills and impress your fellow party-goers.

Tropical Party:

Join us for a tropical paradise party that will transport you to a lush, exotic island. We’ll transform the venue into a colourful oasis, with palm trees, hibiscus flowers, and tiki bars. Bring the beach party to your event with sand, surfboards, and tropical drinks.

Masquerade Party

Step into a world of mystery and elegance with our Masquerade Party theme! This enchanting event will transport you to a bygone era of glamour and intrigue. As you enter the venue, you’ll be greeted by a stunning array of ornate masks, feathers, and shimmering decorations. The venue will be adorned with flickering candlelight, opulent draperies, and touches of gold and silver, creating a truly mesmerizing ambiance.

Pirates of the Caribbean

Ahoy, me hearties! Prepare to set sail on a thrilling adventure as we embark on a Pirates of the Caribbean theme party! Step into the world of swashbuckling pirates, hidden treasures, and mysterious shipwrecks. The venue will be transformed into a pirate’s haven, with weathered wooden barrels, tattered sails, and nautical ropes adorning the space. Create an atmosphere of mystery and excitement with dimly lit lanterns, flickering candles, and eerie pirate sound effects.

Barbie Party!

Okay Barbie, let’s go Party!  Get ready for an extravaganza that celebrates the iconic style and glamour of everyone’s favourite fashion doll. Our Barbie Party theme invites you to step into a world of pink and sparkle, where everything exudes fabulous chic and glamour. Prepare for a photobooth experience like no other with our Barbie box, where guests can strike a pose and capture the moment in true Barbie fashion. From pink and glittery decor to hints of Barbie’s signature colour throughout, the atmosphere will be truly magical.


Step into the future with our Futurist Party! This theme takes inspiration from the most innovative and futuristic concepts and blends them together to create a unique and exciting experience. The venue will be transformed into a sleek, modern space with high-tech lighting, metallic décor and neon lights.

Welcome to the Jungle/Survivor Party

This theme will transport you deep into the heart of the wilderness with an ambiance that’s sure to excite. The decor comes alive with the use of bamboo, burlap, and masses of palms to create a lush and vibrant setting. Incorporate camouflage nets, vines, and animal print fabrics to create an atmosphere that’s both adventurous and exotic.

Enchanted Garden:

Step into a magical wonderland with our Enchanted Garden theme! Delicate butterflies and woodland elements will adorn the space, evoking a sense of whimsy and mystique. The styling will be a feast for the eyes, with delicate details, soft lighting, and whimsical decor creating an otherworldly atmosphere. Immerse yourself in the enchantment of our Enchanted Garden, where beauty and magic come together in a captivating experience that will transport you to a realm of dreams.

Arabian Nights:

If you’re looking to create a truly exotic experience for your guests, try transporting them to another locale with a Moroccan or Arabian Nights themed party. One of the most captivating aspects of this theme is the colours, the lighting and the use of rich fabrics, lanterns and floor coverings. Your guests will feel like they’ve stepped into a whole new world.

Bavarian / October Fest:

Step into the enchanting world of Bavaria with blue and white checked tablecloths adding an authentic touch to the styling. Immerse yourself in the rich tradition of rustic wooden accents and colourful flags adorning the venue, while donning dirndls and lederhosen. Indulge in mouthwatering pretzels, savory sausages, and traditional beers, bringing the flavours of Oktoberfest to life. Join in the infectious spirit of celebration, as you raise your stein and toast to the joy of camaraderie in true Bavarian style! Prost!


Get ready for a night of glitz and glam with a Hollywood theme night. Put on your showstopping gowns and sharpest suits, because the paparazzi will be waiting! Roll out the red carpet and transform their entrance into a walk of fame, with each guest’s name in lights. Your guests will feel like A-listers in no time!

Winter Wonderland

Step into a magical Winter Wonderland and embrace the enchanting winter spirit in our breathtaking snowscape. The venue will be adorned with twinkling lights, shimmering snowflakes, and elegant ice sculptures, creating a mesmerizing and wondrous ambiance. Picture yourself surrounded by white furniture and wrapped in cosy throws, making you feel like you’re in a cozy cabin in the heart of a snow-covered forest. Let the magic of the season fill your heart as you revel in the beauty and charm of our Winter Wonderland.

The Dark Circus:

Where enchantment meets the eerie. Be captivated by the gothic decor, adorned with rich velvets, dark draperies, and mysterious candlelight that casts haunting shadows across the venue. Immerse yourself in the alluring ambiance of this enigmatic circus, as you wander through the dimly lit tent, encountering fortune-tellers, contortionists, and other mesmerizing characters. Let the enigma of The Dark Circus take hold of your senses and leave you with unforgettable memories of this darkly magical experience.

With these 25 epic party theme ideas, the possibilities for creating unforgettable celebrations are boundless. Each theme offers a unique and immersive experience, ensuring that your event will be the talk of the town for years to come. Whether you’re hosting a corporate event to inspire your team, throwing a birthday bash to remember, or simply want to create a night of magic and excitement with friends, these party themes will help you craft an extraordinary experience.

Let’s get this party started! If you’re ready to bring your dream theme to life, contact us at Splash Events for your Sunshine Coast party.