Unveiling Dream Wedding Structures for Your Private Property Celebration

Your guide to Marquees, Sperry Tents and Tipis

So you’ve decided to hold your wedding on a private property? Awesome choice! Private properties make for amazing weddings, offering a personal and intimate setting that can be tailored exactly to your vision. The first step in bringing your dream day to life is choosing the right structure to host your celebration. To help you navigate through the options, here is our guide to the most popular wedding structures:

Sperry Tents: Elegance Meets Nature

Sperry Tents are the epitome of sophistication and natural charm. Their sailcloth material and handcrafted wooden poles create an elegant, airy environment, perfect for a romantic outdoor wedding. The natural light filtering through the canvas adds a soft, ethereal glow to the setting, ideal for a day filled with love and joy. Structure by Sperry Tents Sunshine Coast

Tipis: Bohemian Chic

For a touch of rustic and bohemian flair, Tipis are your go-to. Their unique shape and organic materials offer a cozy, intimate atmosphere, great for couples seeking a laid-back yet memorable wedding experience. Decorated with lights, hangings, and greenery, they transform into a magical setting that’s both inviting and stylish. Tipi by Tipi Luxe

Clear Marquees: Modern Romance

Clear marquees combine the beauty of outdoor scenery with the shelter and comfort of an indoor venue. They allow you to celebrate under the stars, surrounded by the natural beauty of your property, creating a seamless blend of indoor and outdoor spaces for a truly magical evening.

Naked Tipis: Rustic Elegance

Naked Tipis stand out for their open, airy structure and minimalist elegance. They are perfect as a ceremonial backdrop or a stylish outdoor lounge area, offering a unique and enchanting setting that complementsthe natural surroundings of your private property. Naked tipis by Tipi Luxe.

Outdoor Alfreso Dinning Under Lights

Looking for something truly magical for your wedding reception? Alfresco dining could be the enchanting touch you’re after. As night descends, the delicate glow of fairy lights weaves a fairy-tale tapestry beneath the stars, with the natural beauty of the outdoors as your canvas. course, with the whimsy of the weather, it’s wise to have a backup plan—just in case Mother Nature has her own ideas for your big day.

Outdoor Cocktail

Incorporating an alfresco outdoor cocktail area, regardless of your main choice, adds a layer of versatility to your wedding. It’s perfect for pre-dinner drinks, a mid-reception breather, or a post-dinner lounge area. This space can complement any structure and dining style, offering a seamless transition between the different phases of your celebration.

After choosing your ideal wedding structure, the next phase is planning the layout and style of your event. Whether you’re leaning towards a formal sit-down dinner or a casual cocktail reception, you might want to think about blending both styles to offer a versatile experience for your guests. This approach provides the structured elegance of a seated meal along with the relaxed, social vibe of a cocktail reception.

For more detailed guidance on this decision, check out our blog on the pros and cons of a cocktail vs. seated wedding. And if you’re considering a Tipi for your special day, don’t miss our insights at Tipi Weddings: What You Need to Know. For those planning their wedding on the Sunshine Coast, our Ultimate Guide to Planning Your Dream Private Property Wedding is an invaluable resource.

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