What’s the Best Time of the Year for a Wedding on the Sunshine Coast?

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Your first decision is going to be the date, which isn’t always as easy as you might think. Balmy summer wedding? Cozy winter wedding? Picturesque spring or autumn wedding? Luckily for us, the Sunshine Coast is blessed with year-round beautiful weather and virtually every season comes with a few pros and cons to be aware of. So… let’s break it down, season by season to help make your decision easier.


Autumn is a beautiful time of year and it’s a welcome relief from the blistering summer, with milder temperatures averaging 26 degrees you get the best of both worlds with sunshine but without the heat.

The Pros

  • Those golden autumn colour palettes to choose from, make for rich and lush styling.
  • With the perfect balmy weather, not too hot or too cold, Autumn is perfect for outdoor Wedding Ceremonies or Receptions.
  • Expect the most picturesque season with beautiful autumn hues and incredible sunsets

The Cons

  • It’s a popular time of year to get married, means that it can be difficult to book your preferred venues or suppliers

  • It can be warm during the day but colder at night, so you may need to think about the weather change with your attire and reception location

    Autumn Wedding Photo Credit - Xoxo Wedding Photography


Winter weddings on the Sunshine Coast, just might be our best kept secret. While they are not quite as popular, the weather surprisingly, can be absolutely beautiful - some would argue it is actually the best time of year to visit the coast.

The Pros

  • Traditionally, the winter months on the Sunshine Coast have the least amount of rain, so you can still have an outdoor beach or garden ceremony before getting cosy at your reception.
  • The light is softer in winter because the sun is lower in the sky which amounts to beautiful photography. And because sunset is earlier, you won’t have to duck out of your reception to get those magical sunset photos which is the case in the other warmer seasons.
  • The boys will feel comfortable in a 3 piece suit and the girls can wear long sleeve dresses or have a super cool jacket to add on as an extra layer - styling!
  • While summer and spring Weddings tend to have a classic beach vibe, in winter you can really mix it up. You could have a daytime wedding followed by a warm, cosy festival style reception under a Tipi and a roaring outdoor fire. Or you could go for a vintage vibe in the Hinterland, the options are endless.
  • You may even get a discounted price in Winter as it’s not as busy for vendors

The Cons

  • But whether you like it or not, it still can be cold, which is just not what guests expect on the ‘sunshine’ coast. With many destination Weddings coming from cooler states, they may prefer the warmer weather. Even though our coldest winter days here on the Sunshine Coast are pale in comparison to our southern neighbours, you do occasionally get a freakishly cold snap.
  • There are slightly less floral options, as less are blooming
  • It gets darker earlier and cooler at night, so those outdoor wedding receptions you’ll need to do some extra planning and make sure the fire is blazing!

Tipi boho winter wedding

Winter boho Wedding Festival - Photo credit by Shae Estella Photography

Winter beach wedding in Noosa

Beach Winter Wedding - Photo Credit: Life & Love photography


Spring is hands down the most popular time of year to get married - worldwide in fact and it’s no different here on the Sunshine Coast. Why you may ask, well…

The Pros

  • Its’ a beautiful time of year! Who doesn’t love Spring, it’s all about new life, the sun is shining and the weather is sweet!
  • Temperatures range from a comfortable 25 to 27 degrees, with clear blue skies and gentle ocean breezes.
  • Flowers come into bloom (think of the abundance of florals to choose from!) and fruit and vegetables come into season (perfect for mixing up the catering menu or some fresh fruity cocktails).
  • Outdoor beach or garden weddings, followed by dining under the stars and fairy-lit canopy - totally doable!
  • Is there anything as beautiful as a jacaranda tree in full bloom? Every photographer’s dream!

The Cons

  • Being the most popular time of year, many of your preferred suppliers and favourite venues can be booked out - so you’ll have to book well in advance – particularly a Saturday afternoon spot.

  • The wind can pick up in the afternoons in September, so perhaps have your beach wedding a little earlier.

    Spring Wedding

    Spring Wedding - Photo Credit: Calli B Photography


Which brings us to summer… oh summer. There is always an excited buzz in the air when summer arrives.

The Pros

  • Cocktails and canapes under a balmy summer night sky do have a special, tropical feel to it. There just simply is a vibe to it – you can smell it in the air and you can hear it in the chorus of Christmas beetles.
  • Destination Wedding? yes please! The Sunshine Coast is front and foremost a beach destination. And who wouldn’t want to travel afar to spend a week on the Sunshine Coast during summer? The catering options are endless, the flowers are at their most beautiful, and in general, people are happier. People have more time off to travel and honeymoons in summer are also the best too!
  • Perfect for a tropical or hamptons style wedding at your favourite restaurant with waterviews.

The Cons:

  • On the Sunshine Coast, summer can be very hot and humid, which means you may need to have your bridal party in lighter attire to avoid sweating in the dress or a formal suit. And be careful of that fuzzy hair.
  • Beach Weddings in the middle of the day are to be avoided as it can be super hot and sometimes we also get that late afternoon tropical storm. Earlier weddings followed by a lunchtime reception is our tip
  • It can be difficult to book accommodation over the summer holidays for guests that need accommodation as everything is busy – and pricy too.
  • Flowers can deteriorate a little quicker in the heat, so make sure you chat to your florist about which flowers are the best ones for the season.
  • Ooh and be wary of the Mosquitoes! Make sure you have repellents available for the comfort of guests

Summer Hamptons Wedding - Photo Credit: Katja Anton Photography

The Sunshine Coast is a year-round destination with a lot to offer for each season. Hopefully, after reading this blog, one of the seasons resonated with you and your decision has become easier…well one of them at least…

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