Getting engaged: Your ultimate guide to popping the big question

Congratulations on finding the person who you want to spend the rest of your life with! That truly is something special and worth celebrating.

Now the real fun is really just about to begin. The day you get engaged is one you’ll never forget. It’s a really big deal and there’s so much to think about. From the pressure of finding the perfect ring, choosing the perfect moment, asking the father-of-the bride his permission (yikes!) and then all the outside pressures of self-comparison and throwing the most epic engagement party ever. BUT, fortunately, there are many ways of curbing these stresses so that you can start to focus on the things that are really important - such as love, friendship and togetherness. It sounds cheesy but it’s true.

So we’ve compiled a little guide for you to help eliminate all the stresses of popping the big question and help you feel ready to enjoy this very joyous occasion. So pop yourself a glass of bubbles (nothing wrong with celebrating a little early!), pull out your notebook and read on!


This is a big one, obviously. Choosing the right ring can often cause a lot of anxiety. You want to choose the perfect one but there are so many to choose from! And what if he or she doesn’t like it? What if it doesn’t fit? What if I can’t afford the best ring in the window??

It will always be perfect

Firstly, let me tell you a little secret. Whatever ring you choose - he or she will love it. No matter what. Why? Because YOU chose it. Especially for her. You did your research, you thought about what type of ring she might love, you went to one or six different jewellers to find the best engagement ring you possibly could and then, most importantly, you purchased that ring in hope that she’d love it and praying she’d say yes. All because you want to spend the rest of your life with her. Of course she will love it!

Do some research

That said, there are a few guidelines you can follow to ensure that you’re getting as close to their style and size as possible. Blue Nile, who specialise in engagement and wedding rings, recently shared one of their ring-choosing guides with us, which gives you some invaluable ideas of what to be thinking about before picking out both the engagement and wedding ring. Ideas like stalking your partners jewellry box and reading up on the important 4Cs of diamonds: Colour, clarity, cut and carat. We also know that a lot of couples are now choosing to actually shop together. From window shopping hand-in-hand to paying attention to what jewelry trends your partner likes, there are various ways to find the ring of their dreams.

Follow the trends

It’s also an idea to have a look at what the current ring trends are. For instance, in the last few years there’s been a big trend leaning towards using different gemstones for the engagement ring. Which is a great way to make the ring that much more unique. But just make sure you’re choosing stones that are at least a 7 on the Mohs scale for hardness and durability.


Make it meaningful

Straight up after choosing the ring, the next most stressful thing is probably actually popping the question. Everyone has their own unique engagement story and some people feel heaps of pressure to make it the most spectacular event of their lifetime. And while it’s lovely to put lots of thought into it - don’t stress about every little detail. It seldom all goes exactly to plan! Think about what will be meaningful and special to the both of you and then focus on that. Everything else will fall into place.

Create that moment at home

And as fun as destination proposals can be - popping the question at home can be just as special and romantic! It’s meaningful, authentic and a great way to bring even more magic into the space where you share your most intimate and true selves, everyday. Sometimes simple can definitely be better - you just need to think about what will best suit you both. Keep it sentimental and it’s impossible to fail!

Propose while you travel

A lot of people choose to do a destination proposal where they’ll take their partner away somewhere and propose. Sounds like a great excuse for a holiday to me! Plus it may also take away some of the other stresses like having to immediately see all the family to tell them the story and show them the ring. And it also gives you plenty of time to both revel in your engagement together with endless glasses of champagne. (Are you picking up yet that I love champagne?)

There is no right or wrong way to propose. The key thing is to have fun with it and remember why you’re doing it. We love keeping an eye out on all the current trends to see how couples are keeping their proposals unique to themselves.

Do it together

At the moment one of the most popular trends is mutual proposals. Some couples are making an event out of it and planning a celebratory “engagement day”, taking some of the pressure off a single person proposing and showing a bit more equality between the sexes. And going this route doesn’t mean taking out all the elements of surprises. You can still keep the ring a surprise and some couples also plan a few little other surprises for each other throughout the day.

Surprise we’re getting married - TODAY!

An even bigger surprise and super fun trend is couples secretly planning their wedding to be the same day as their engagement party. This is something you can work on together and a sure way to wow your guests. We have heaps of tips and resources on planning an event of this magnitude - so make sure you check out a few of our other blog posts such as “Our top 6 tips to plan and style your wedding” and “5 ways to make your wedding unique”.

Involve your other loved ones

And if you’re not keen on the idea of throwing a wedding at your engagement, you can still involve friends and family in your special moment. Or keep it more low key and share a private moment between yourselves with family and friends jumping out and surprising you after the question has been popped. It’s a great way of involving those other special people in your life and also an opportunity to create stronger ties with the in-laws! #winning

Smile, you’re on camera

We’re seriously loving this trend. Hidden photographers to capture every moment and element of surprise when you’re popping the question. Big moments like getting engaged can often become lost in the blur of excitement and emotion - and there’s nothing more special than being able to look back on those moments with clarity and sentiment. Some people keep the photographer a secret the whole way through and surprise their partner with an album; some prefer to bring the photographer out of hiding and do some more of those “couple” type shots that you’d have in an normal engagement shoot. Whichever you choose - just make sure your partner feels photo-ready so she doesn’t have to look back and wish she had worn some make-up and a better outfit!

Propose to him

There’s absolutely nothing wrong with the woman taking the reigns and popping the question to her beau. Why not?? And because men haven’t traditionally worn rings, you get to think outside the box on this one. There are some great options out there for mens rings. And if you’re not keen on the idea of an engagement ring, perhaps the man in your life would prefer a chain, bracelet, watch or cufflinks. Or even a sentimental type gift like a painting or limited edition book. It will all come down to your partner’s personality - but don’t be afraid to have fun with it!


Once you’ve popped the question and you’re officially engaged, it’s time to start planning the engagement party!

Planning a wedding can be pretty full on. So your engagement party is the perfect opportunity to celebrate with friends in a more relaxed way. And by relaxed - we don’t mean boring! With slightly less pressure than a wedding, you can keep it simple and fun but also make a statement. Leaving everyone anticipating how good the wedding will be!

What’s your theme?

If you want to a more casual engagement party – cocktail parties are the way to go - that way your guests can really mingle. Whatever venue you choose (even if it’s your backyard) we can transform your location into a cocktail event or unique theme that’ll suit your style and wow your guests. Love travel? We could theme your party around your favourite place – Paris, Mexico, Hawaii. Tell us what you’re after and we’ll turn it into something amazing for you!

There are also so many ideas and amazing things you can do on the Sunshine Coast. A long lunch and lawn games on a country farm; Sunset cruise on Noosa River with live music; a beach party or picnic during the day or under the stars; Or have a colour party at a venue where everyone needs to dress in white for example and we can change the décor to match.

Want something a little bit more formal? Why not go all out with a sophisticated great Gatsby theme? The options are endless and so exciting!

Work closely with your planner and stylist

At Splash, our team of stylists and planners are pros at refining your ideas and helping you make all those choices about themes, colour, decor, flowers, settings and locations etc. We also love to handle all that hard stuff like setting up, packing down and coordinating suppliers. Leaving you to just enjoy your engagement celebration!

That is A LOT of info for you to absorb. Who knew proposing had so many facets to consider? The key is to break it down, get help where you can and remember why you’re doing it in the first place. Also, try keep it simple where you can and bring in the pros when it gets a bit more complex. There’s no point in making life more difficult when you don’t need to. And most of all, have fun with it. Good luck!

For more information on our services, download our Wedding Info Pack or view our Wedding Galleries for further inspo . We’d love to chat more about planning your dream wedding on the Sunshine Coast. If you are ready to chat - get in touch.