What's your style? Our top 6 tips to plan and style your wedding

There are so many different elements when it comes to planning your wedding.

You’ve got to find the perfect venue, plan your guest list, decide on your menu, find THE perfect dress, coordinate the bridal party, think about the honeymoon… we could go on and on!

There’s something truly spectacular about putting together a beautiful setting and seeing our couple’s vision come to life. And we know for a fact that whether you choose a professional to help you or decide to do it yourself, it’s so easy to be overwhelmed. It’s one thing to have a great idea - but executing that idea is a whole other ball game.

So to help with some of the practical planning, we’ve decided to share with you our very own Wedding Styling Checklist. ( Yep, we’re giving away a few of our secrets with our detailed Styling Checklist, all to help ease away the burden of “I don’t even know where to start?!”)

But that’s not all!

We’re also giving away our top 6 insider tips when it comes to choosing your wedding style. (These seriously are key. Follow these tips and you’ll have your perfect style under wraps in no time.)

Let’s do this!


Until you choose and secure your venue - don’t do a thing!

Seriously, EVERYTHING revolves around this. From a styling perspective, you need to know the space and venue aesthetic you’re styling for… There’s nothing worse than having all this amazing inspiration and vision for your wedding, only to discover that your plans don’t suit the venue and you have to start all over again. Urgh!

The location of your wedding will also have a big impact on the venue vibe, whether you prefer a private property, country wedding, rustic or coastal for example.


This is another one of THE most important things you need to think about. What kind of wedding atmosphere do you want?

You’ll have to work this out by looking at the size, location and set up of your wedding. Do you want a more formal type of sit-down dinner; a cocktail event for a more relaxed feel; an intimate event with close friends and family; or a wedding that has PARTY written all over it?!

There are no rules these days. But once you’ve worked this out, you’ll have your decision making blueprint that’ll assist in creating the wedding that you’ve always dreamed of.


Being the biggest and most important day you’ll ever organise, it’s easy to blow out the budget. So it’s important to have a detailed and realistic budget in place from the very beginning.

Ensuring you have a budget that encompasses all possible costs is really hard when you have no previous event planning experience. So make sure you discuss it with your event planner and stylist to make sure you’ve got all bases covered.

Prioritise what’s important to you and if that’s a rock star entrance, go for it!


Find inspiration and it will guide you toward your most loved style.

This is a good time to create a Pinterest account if you haven’t already. You can use pinterest to help find and save your dream pins so you get an understanding of what you like and don’t like. Beware: It can be addictive!

That said, let’s also be real. While social media is an excellent source for finding inspiration, there’s definitely a fine line between getting inspired and just getting overwhelmed by all the possibilities. This is where your Wedding Stylist comes in!

Visit our Instagram or Pinterest page for your inspiration.


While some people have a clear idea of what their style is, others can struggle. Our professional team of stylists and planners will refine your ideas and help you make all those little choices about colour, decor, table centrepieces, flowers, lighting, lounge settings and more.

And we will also handle all the hard stuff like delivering it all, setting it up, packing down and coordinating other vendors if required. All to ensure that you have THE BEST DAY possible.

We can help unravel your vision and interpret your style - and then deliver something better than you could have ever imagined.

Styling consultations are held in our designer showroom, which is full of mock set ups and decor inspiration for your special day.


Our Wedding Styling Checklist is a great place to begin your planning and help you understand what’s involved from a pure styling perspective. It’ll give you a starting point to discuss with your stylist or wedding supplier, helping you feel more in control!

And look, we’ll be honest. This list isn’t going to plan your whole wedding for you. Wedding styling is definitely not as easy as throwing some decor together and watching everything fall into place. You need knowledge, guidelines, strategy and experience.

But hey, once you’ve got your head around the list, your stylist will help you add in details, focal points and feature pieces to create a cohesive theme with loads of wow factor elements.

There we have it! Our top 6 tips on finding your perfect wedding style! We’re pretty sure these will ease the stress and our super handy checklist will help you hit the ground running.

So don’t forget to download your Wedding Styling Checklist here.

For more information on our services, view our Wedding Galleries for further inspo. We’d love to chat more about planning your dream wedding on the Sunshine Coast. If you’re ready to chat, get in touch.