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What’s the Best Time of the Year for a Wedding on the Sunshine Coast?

Deciding to marry the love of your life is a wonderful decision, but now you have to plan the wedding! Your first decision is going to be the date, which isn’t always as easy as you might think. For example, the most popular months in Australia for weddings are March, September, October and November and it is no coincidence that these represent Spring and Autumn, the seasons with the mildest temperatures. 

On the Sunshine Coast, Spring and Autumn are absolutely beautiful times of the year with temperatures usually around 25 to 27 degrees, clear blue skies and gentle ocean breezes. The problem is that it can be difficult to book your preferred venues during the peak months, unless you book them well in advance, particularly if you want a Saturday afternoon spot. 

Why not host your wedding during Winter, because June, July and August are the months with the fewest weddings on the Sunshine Coast and the weather is still wonderful, ranging from around 22 to 25 degrees. 

Let’s take a look at some of the advantages of hosting your wedding in Winter on the Sunshine Coast. 

1. Secure your preferred venue: You are far more likely to secure your wedding and reception venues for your dates, than at any other time of the year.

2. Saving money: Photographers, florists, stylists and other wedding suppliers, as well as your venue, will be more likely to offer additional extras or run promotions you can take advantage of, because they want the business in the slow season. 

3. Dodge the rain: Traditionally, the winter months on the Sunshine Coast have the least amount of rain. This makes it the ideal time for outdoor or beach weddings, as well as outdoor receptions. We recommend morning ceremonies as the weather is perfectly still and warm, followed by a lunch reception. (Noosa is at its best that time of a year!)

4. Cooler temperatures: Winter is perfect if you wish to avoid sweating in a wedding dress, bridesmaids dress or a formal suit. On the Sunshine Coast, summer can be very hot and humid. On the other hand, during winter, we are more likely to have 22 to 25 degree days and less wind, making everyone feel much more comfortable outdoors.

5. Think of the floral arrangements: When the weather is hot and humid, your floral arrangements can start to wilt very quickly, but in the cooler months they will last all day long quite easily. There is also more choices for flowers and there is less chance of them wilting before your guests arrive.

6. More styling options: You can still have a wonderful garden or beach wedding in winter, because the weather can be perfect with warm windless days. While summer and spring Weddings tend to have a classic beach vibe, in winter you can really mix it up.

While the styling options are endless, here are a few ideas for inspiration....

Winter White: A crisp white based palette with an abundance of fresh florals and moody candlelight to add atmosphere, along with an understated touch of elegance.

Winter white wedding 

Rustic Gardenesque - Beautiful and elegant with a natural palette punctuated with rich colour tones, including blueberry, raspberry, blackberry, fig purple, forest green and saffron.

Winter ceremony


Festival vibe - With indoor and outdoor seating, blazing bonfires and marshmallows, red damask silks, thick Persian rugs, antique timber furniture and warm comfort food.

Winter festival Wedding



Bohemian – The boho wedding is a romantic, relaxed, colourful, nature inspired theme with an eclectic mix of the hippie, nomad and gypsy lifestyle with a touch of artistic flair. Easily adapted for beach or country rustic weddings.

Winter boho Wedding


Lavish Winter - With a navy and copper pallet, partnered with lush greenery with a touch of rustic.

Winter reception


Country Elegance - This style uses punchy colours with contemporary and rustic elements that blend perfectly together to create a warm and welcoming ambience. With charcoal table linens, crystal glassware, a touch of gold and luscious floral arrangements.

Winter Country Wedding


Beach Weddings - There's no reason why you can't still have a beach wedding in Winter, with beautiful clear skyes and less wind - it's just perfect.

Winter beach Wedding

For more inspiration check out our photo galleries on our webpage.

To find out how we can help style your Sunshine Coast Wedding, and discuss our Winter Wedding special offers, download our Wedding info Pack or request a quote.